The Advantages of the Advance Dynamic ROM Design
The innovative design of the Advanced Dynamic ROM orthosis provides several key features that make it superior to other commercial dynamic orthoses.
Superior Consistent Performance

• Patented eccentric torsion spring delivers gentle and consistent tension across the full deflection range.

• Maintains tension with little or no end of range drop off, which limits frequent adjustments.

Easy To Fit

• Bendable contour cuffs and easy to adjust struts make custom fitting simple and precise.

• Adjustments for tension and length are integrated into the device, eliminating the need for adjustment tools.

Innovative lock/lock lever safety feature provides safe and convenient method to lock out tension during fitting and removal.

Designed for Patient Comfort

• Comfortable cuffs with soft repositionable "memory foam" pads adapt to the patients limb contour and help reduce pressure points.

• Increased comfort level may enhance patient compliance.


Advance Dynamic ROM®  orthoses from Empi feature a patented torsion spring design that delivers more consistent therapeutic tension across the patient's entire range of motion, without the tension control having to be constantly adjusted. Malleable contour cuffs, adjustable struts and high quality pads provide the ability to custom fit the orthosis to the patient to maximize comfort, compliance and tension performance.


Advance Dynamic ROM has self-contained adjustment controls which eliminate the need for extra tools for tension adjustments. An innovative locking system makes applying and removing the Advance Dynamic ROM orthosis easy for both the clinician and patient, thus maximizing patient compliance and clinical results.

Advance Dynamic ROM orthoses are available in both extension and flexion models for the knee, elbow and wrist, as well as ankle dorsiflexion and forearm supination models and below-knee amputee. Advance offers the clinician and the patient the following advantages:
* Superior tension technology
* Ease of use and fit
* Designed for patient comfort and compliance
For complete instructions for use, indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings see product instruction manual. Advance Dynamic ROM orthoses are prescription orthoses and should only be used after full instruction by a health care professional.